How the Acadal Platform works

See how the life of an Acadal Sprint plays out in 4 minutes.



The Shared Challenge 

The Shared Challenge

Centers everyone’s attention and contributions on solving a specific business challenge

  • Evolve and iterate on the best ideas as a team
  • Keep overview of every idea created with the Idea Bank


Learning Modules

Engage the participants with the latest knowledge 
  • Include videos, podcasts, text-articles, and action assignments to engage and inspire your participants
  • Design the order and flow of the learning content to maximize the learning effect
Learning Modules



Collaboration feed

The creative environment for solving the challenge and sharing knowledge and experiences

  • Share your knowledge, experiences and ideas and learn from each other as you progress
  • Discuss everything you learn during the Sprint
  • Create ideas on how to solve the Sprint Challenge
  • Evaluate how likely the ideas are to solving the Sprint Challenge



Notifications and Engagement

Maximize engagement in the Sprint via in-app notifications and emails

  • Configurable settings on selected events
  • In-app notifications about new content available
  • Configurable settings for each defined role and responsibility


Facilitation Tools

The Sprintmaster can easily facilitate the Sprint process and support the participants in their journey

  • Extended progress data available for the Sprintmaster
  • Acadal Academy provides training for the Sprintmaster
  • The Sprintmaster can inspire, motivate and facilitate the journey



Sprint Report

Enables the Sprintmaster to conclude on the Sprint and decide the next points of action

  • Sprintmaster accepts or rejects all Ideas in the Idea Bank
  • The Report shows each participants engagement level and all Ideas from the Idea Bank
  • Reap the benefits of multiple Sprints to guide strategic company decisions


Dashboard and Selector

Dashbord and selector

The dashboard and Sprint selector provides overview and easy navigation between all Sprints

  • Engage several teams simoultanously or progressively across business units and organizational layers
  • Get updated on the progress of each Sprint using the Dashboard
  • Quickly move between active Sprints using the Sprint selector



Sprint Designer

Focus your resources on what matters. Create your content template once and easily use it to start several Sprints

  • Easily manage, create and edit your Sprints
  • Design Sprint flows with an unlimited number of modules and ongoing deadlines
  • Save Modules to the Module Bank and reuse content in other Sprints


Cloudbased Responsive and Mobile friendly  Multilingual

Acadal is a true online platform based in the cloud. It is always accessible from anywhere in the world on all popular devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Acadal is compatible with most modern smartphones, Users can access their Sprints from there mobile device wherever and whenever. Acadal is fully optimized to support any language.  Do you need Acadal in Mandarin, Hindi, or Arabic? We set up the platform in your language and get you started within days.



Acadal is for the entire organization

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C-level HR Managers The team
Stay one step ahead in today’s competitive market. That means identifying the core strategies and innovative opportunities that help that affect positive change for your company. Ensure that staff is developing the critical skills required to thrive in an evolving environment, while simultaneously measuring the pool of company competencies. Inspire and lead your employees with new and effective standards of change management. Tap into their underutilized work processes and ideas to help develop the business. Cultivate a stronger sense of loyalty within departments by offering a clear perspective of how employee efforts positively impact the business.


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