Leadership Training in Large Organizations

Leadership can’t be taught, but it can be learned! Research shows leaders learn 70% from challenging on-the-job-assignments, 20% from social relationships and 10% from coursework. Consequently, it is essential that leaders practice their skills in the work environment they must lead in – otherwise they may become out of touch and unable to lead effectively. 

With Acadal you can design Sprints that challenges leaders to learn from each other, to put their knowledge to the test, and to use their insights to help transform and build great leadership culture.

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Main Benefits of Combining Acadal and Physical Workshops

Behavior Changes That Matter

Behavior Changes That Matter

Our proven method ensures leaders learn together as they explore and invent new work practices that makes real impact on the leadership culture.


On Demand and Scalable

On Demand and Scalable

Run several Sprints across different departments of your organization to effectively build and sustain great leadership culture.


Continuous Training

Continuous Training

Keep your leaders engaged with the latest knowledge and techniques within leadership and challenge them to reflect and improve on current practices.


This is how it works 

Our proven method and digital platform help you squash your business challenges with behavioral changes that matters. The method combines three powerful learning frameworks that help you motivate and empower your ability to make these changes happen.

 We call this method Challenge Based Learning, and as the name implies, it centers every learning activity on the behavioral changes your organization needs to make to solve the business challenges that matters.

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The digital platform follows the principles of Challenge Based Learning to ensure you maximize your ability make changes happen. It intelligently retains everyone’s focus on the challenge at hand and visualizes the combined journey of your team as you learn, share and ideate together.


The Acadal Platform


The Shared Challenge 

Dashbord and selector

Centers everyone’s attention and contributions on solving a specific business challenge

  • Evolve and iterate on the best ideas as a team
  • Keep overview of every idea created with the Idea Bank



Learning Modules 

Engage the participants with the latest knowledge 
  • Include videos, podcasts, text-articles, and action assignments to engage and inspire your participants
  • Design the order and flow of the learning content to maximize the learning effect
Learning Modules



Collaboration feed

The creative environment for solving the challenge and sharing knowledge and experiences

  • Share your knowledge, experiences and ideas and learn from each other as you progress
  • Discuss everything you learn during the Sprint
  • Create ideas on how to solve the Sprint Challenge
  • Evaluate how likely the ideas are to solving the Sprint Challenge



Sprint Report

Enables the Sprintmaster to conclude on the Sprint and decide the next points of action

  • Sprintmaster accepts or rejects all Ideas in the Idea Bank
  • The Report shows each participants engagement level and all Ideas from the Idea Bank
  • Reap the benefits of multiple Sprints to guide strategic company decisions