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The Whole Company
Jacob Sylvest
Jacob Sylvest
Sales Manager
The team and I have seen a change and there has clearly been an improvement in sales performance

Jacob Sylvest, Sales Manager at The Whole Company, wanted to give his team better tools for understanding the customers and make the team more aware on how to use psychological sales parameters. However Jacob did not want to take out time of a very busy schedule where the team constantly must increase the sales performance.

Jacob decided for a Sprint made by the consultancy company Intenz. The Sprint consists of 10 sales tools videos and corresponding tasks that the team can consume when and where it fits their individual schedule. Hereby the team could optimize their own time and be more effective. Jacob also liked the idea that Acadal mixes theory with practice which gives a larger training effect.

The team could immediately start the Sprint and Jacob concluded after the Sprint that both him and his team has seen a clear improvement in performance.

The Whole Company

The Whole Company is a medium-sized privately owned company with 110 employees. The Whole Company produces and sells three brands: Castus, Trope and Fredsted The, to retail stores in Denmark and abroad.