What is Challenge Based Development?


Challenge Based Development (CBD) is Acadals unique, proven framework, which effectively helps you develop your business continuously, as an integrated part of your daily operations. The framework includes 9 steps that span across 5 phases:

The Acadal model

A Detailed Look at Phase 3 - Sprint:

Phase 3 is the engine room of Challenge Based Development. It is during this phase your team works actively to solve the Challenge defined in step 2. They do this through a combined learning and collaboration process that continuously retains their thoughts, ideas and actions on the Challenge.

Here is a detailed look at how it plays out:


The Guided Learning Flow:

The team, consisting of a set number of participants and a Sprintmaster (project lead) goes through a guided learning flow comprised of videos, articles, podcasts and assignments.

Everything they learn is related to the Challenge and purposefully made action oriented to allow their learning to deepen through actual practice experience. This means that every participant continuously tries out new things and share what they learn with their fellow team members during the guided learning flow.


Collaboration and Critical Thinking:

To help nudge every participant to keep on trying new things, sharing experiences, learning from each other, creating ideas, and building upon each other’s ideas, the Acadal platform utilizes a range of social engagers. For instance, participants are enticed and reminded to reflect on each other’s input and rate each other’s ideas.

In addition to this the Sprintmaster acts as project leader and has additional tools at his disposal to help drive engagement.


The Result:

At the end of the Sprint the ideas put forward are gathered in a ranked plan that suggests how the team as a whole can successfully act to solve the Challenge.

With this plan you will be able to make an implementation plan that is backed by your team and effectively builds on work practice.


Single Sprints or Cascaded Approach?

Employing Challenge Based Development in your organization can be done as singular projects or as part of ongoing cascaded development projects. For instance, it is possible to engage several teams simultaneously in parallel Sprints as depicted here:

Sprint iterations with multiple teams

Challenge Based Development is about improving your business every day, which is why Acadal has been designed to maximize your results when employed as a continuous process, in which one Sprint leads to the next.