It is time for meaningful development


Most leaders will say the employees are the most important asset of the company. Today that statement is probably more true than ever as companies need engaged, skilled and innovative employees to grow the business.
At the same time the same leaders are very focused on delivering day to day results. All markets today are very competitive and the leaders are busy surviving the next KPI target.
The result? Operation beats development - shortterm beats longterm - and the most important asset tends to be under used and under developed.



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The story continues - the leader decides to put action behind the words and go for an employee development program. What should the leader demand from the program and how can that promise be delivered?
It is not a problem finding an consultant that will sell you by the hour. And it is not a problem finding an external course where you employee can enjoy the included lunch and some networking. But as leaders we must demand that investment in development programs will have effect on the business.
It is a matter of extending the end goal for learning from individual skills to business results. Some call it transfer - we call it meaningful.



Our promise

Develop Your Team to Develop Your Business


Our mission is to find a meningful way of solving the above challenges. A solution that is effective and scalable. A solution that is easy accessible. And a solution that is meaningful for everybody involved. The solution is called Challenge Based Learning and this is what we are all about. 

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Morten Dalum
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We are on a mission to help leaders engage their team in developing their business. Meet the fantastic team that makes it all possible.
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