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We have entered the age of digital tech. Profound changes that challenges the very core of our businesses are happening at an ever-increasing pace. To stay competitive, you must be able to develop your entire organization smarter and more efficiently. Acadal helps you develop your business and solve your challenges as an integral part of your daily operations.



Business As Usual Is No Longer Enough

We have witnessed a shift of paradigms – most of us without even noticing it. The rise of digital tech has given us new opportunities and new problems. In a globalized world where changes are happening faster than ever the way we develop our businesses needs to change as well. What worked during the old paradigm will become less and less effective. What will work now and in the future is your ability to encompass change – here is how it differs:


Gain the benefits of improving your business everyday

Solve Your Business ChallengesSolve Your Business Challenges

With Acadal, developing your business always takes point in the actual business challenges you are facing.

Improve Your Business Continuously

Improve Your Business Continuously

Try out new methods, share your experiences and use each other to build upon the great ideas that solve your business challenges.


Strengthen Organizational Knowledge

With Acadal you develop and build upon real work practice, which can be shared and retained across all departments of your organization.

Increase Your Development ROI

Increase Your Development ROI


With development as an integral part of your daily operations, Acadal helps you develop smarter and make better sense of your development decisions.

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Getting started is easy!

Acadal follows the principles of Challenge Based Development, our proven framework, which ensures you continuously improve your business through learning, adaptation and transformation. The more development Sprints you complete the more improvements your make.
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Acadal Platform FeaturesAcadalDashboardOnComputer-1

The Shared Challenge

Centers everyone’s attention and contributions on solving a specific business challenge

Learning Modules

Engage the participants with the latest knowledge

Collaboration Feed

The creative environment for solving the challenge and sharing knowledge and experiences

Notifications and Engagement

Maximize engagement in the Sprint via in-app notifications and emails

Facilitation Tools

The Sprintmaster can easily facilitate the Sprint process and support the participants in their journey

Sprint Report

Enables the Sprintmaster to conclude on the Sprint and decide the next points of action


The dashboard and Sprint selector provides overview and easy navigation between all Sprints

Sprint Designer

Focus your resources on what matters. Create your content template once and easily use it to start several Sprints

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Solution Areas

Acadal can be used for every imaginable development purpose. Here are just a few of the most common usecases

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